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Happy Holidays Season Yo’s!

Since this is probably the last Newsletter I’ll remember to write this year, why don’t we check in on what this year has been for us and of course what is to come! If you are not interested in a long winded trip down memory lane, just scroll on past all that to our up comin’ dates other things that are comin’! If you are, hey thanks for giving a shit about us! Also, can I say shit in out newsletter? Because I think I am just going to anyways. Sorry if that is no bueno for you, but also not really. Who decided I could type these…

Anyways, let’s look at this year!

At the beginning of this year, Tone and I were drummer-less and comin’ to terms with the fact that maybe we were just meant to be an acoustic duo and not a band… We had just met Jason, but were talking with him only. We didn’t play music with him until February. It was one of those times where we were looking at what we had been doing and trying to figure out how to re-calibrate everything to support the new direction as an acoustic duo.

Obviously, Jason ended up being our drummer and that quickly stopped those plans dead in their tracks, and thank goodness! Now we can do acoustic because we want to, when we want to and not because that is our only choice. Also, once we started rockin’ with Jason we could once again really focus on getting our BAND rolling, tight and right and hopefully making some progress. March 8th, my birthday, ended up being his first show with us and from then we started moving. The end of April was the first time we traveled with him to play music, for a weekender (from here to North and South Carolina with Cruel Curses.) What we learned was that we could definitely do that (Psst… Next year tour plans are being made!) which is really important in a band who’s ideal, dream-come-true situation is what we call a state of perpetual tour. We are full time RVers for Christ sake!

Once that happened we started trying to figure out how we were going to record an album. Of all the things requested of us at gigs and stuff, it is and has always been an album. So we really wanted to make that happen. Having a revolving door of drummers has made that more challenging than it needed to be, but I am really, really glad that we waited until now! We decided to go to a very nice and legit studio to record and with that came a price that we had to figure out how to pay. We had already learned that merch is probably the best way to pay for things as a band, so I decided to up the ante by putting my art at the table and to put 100% of the sales of my art into the band fund. I started drawing handmade keychains, pins and magnets, some traced images and some one of kind original art. The sales of these things paid for 2/3 of the cost to record!! I am proud and excited about the fact that we didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket to make it happen either!! This is really an exciting milestone!

We had thought that we would need to crowd fund it, borrow money or wait until tax time to afford it, but we didn’t and that is because of you! It is your support that has made that possible!! And I really can’t wait for you guys to hear this!

August we set aside to record the 10 tracks! We worked so hard to make this album sound like we sound, that it was true to who we are and not some foreign thing. This is the biggest thing that we have done so far and you have helped make that possible! We are so grateful; beyond grateful and just hope that it can mean something to you, because it means everything to us. We threw all the material security and comfort away to do this very thing, because it is the thing that matters the most to us. Here we are in the finally processes of creating an album, having a physical thing that we made through our music.

I am just so excited and proud and grateful!

This Saturday we go into do our 1st listen through of the mix. After that I should be able to start getting an actual timeline figured out on the release. So I still don’t have that information, but I wish I did. In the meantime I am wondering if you would be interested in helping us as we get closer to releasing it and after even, in spreading the word. Maybe like a street team kind of thing? Our life as musicians has now become overwhelmed with algorithms on all platforms being the limiter on how many people can see the stuff we make. Your help, as we get closer, could really make a difference! As of now, I just would like to know if you are interested. Email me or message me about it if you are!


The shows we have comin’ up as of now are:

11/22- Antemasaris in Brooksville, FL at the Sertoma Youth Ranch

12/13- Friday the 13th Jason’s Birthday Show in Tampa, FL at the Brass Mug


This is the lightest our schedule has been since we were in the studio in August. It is weird to see, but we will be super busy behind the scenes. Since we are independent and DIY, I have a lot of work to do to do this right!! I have a lot of design work to do, videos to make, promotional stuff for days and days!!

We might add a couple dates, because you know, it is our most favorite part of creating music.

Anyways, thank you for everything! We are all wishing you all the love and good things that you could ever want. Thank you for following us all along the way and keeping tabs on us. We will see you out there!

The next newsletter should be the announcement of CD RELEASE DATES AND SINGLES AND ALL THE COOL STUFF WE WILL BE DOING IN RELATION TO THAT!!! Keep your peepers peeled!

Hugs and Lovies,


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