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Comin’ Home The Band is Tone and Amberle Madden, husband and wife, song writing team, who play acoustic bluesy rock with strong female vocals, emotive harmonies and expressive guitar.

Comin' Home writes songs about moments in their lives; the good, the bad and the in between.

After years of trying to find their 3rd member so that they could be a three piece rock band, Comin' Home has accepted the challenge to continue on their path acoustically. Jason Brubaker always said that the litmus test for good song writing is if it translates well acoustically, so they are running with that. Losing Jason in April 2020 has changed their direction and focus.

Amberle and Tone have been writing music together since 2014. At the time they were living up in Spokane, WA and were living the "American Dream". Tone had a career as a CDL semi truck driver and Amberle was a stay at home mom. They owned their home and had all the things. In 2015, the Madden's sold off most everything they owned, moved into an RV and left for Florida. They had realized that normal life was slowly killing them. They headed to Florida to make their dreams happen. They had family there that would let them park the RV on their property.

Since they landed in Winter Haven, FL November 2015, Amberle and Tone have spent their time learning what it takes to be a band, writing, recording, playing gigs, and making their life more and more mobile. Through moving into the RV and traveling with their daughter Rogue, they realized that all they want out of life is to travel and play music and to be supported by their music and Amberle's art.

2022, they are finally free to travel and play music, playing all over the east coast and selling Amberle's hand made merch as they go. Their daughter, Rogue, manages the merch table and is an integral part of the band.   They have released 5 full length albums; Live on WMNF 88.5, ALL IN, Wide Open, Yet Here We Are, and Holding Value, which are streaming everywhere.

The loss of  drummer Jason Brubaker was and still is devastating, but it has taught them a lot about what is important and has made it clear what they have to do; go all in on their music as an acoustic duo and find the new way for them as a band. And they have, finding more success than ever. "We choose to honor Jason, by continuing on to the fullest of our ability."

For those of you who keep waiting for the  full band to come back, I am sorry to inform you that it just isn't in the cards... literally. Maybe off in the distant future.

Amberle and Tone are here to share their hearts and souls with you, acoustically.

Thank you to the supporters that have come along on this ride so far and welcome to those of you who are new!

May we all find what we are looking for.

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