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Comin’ Home The Band is Tone and Amberle Madden, Husband and wife, who play heartfelt acoustic bluesy rock. The songs are steeped in soul and emotion. They started playing around Central Florida in 2016, makin' waves and a name for themselves locally. Since then they have been touring regionally; through 6 different states so far; from Florida to as far as Washington State. With them comes a large selection of fine art and hand made jewelry and other diy artsy merch, along with traditional merchandise. They travel with their 10 year old daughter, roadie and merch girl, Rogue. They are a traveling, bohemian family band!

On April 18th, Jason Brubaker, their Drummer died tragically. Since then they are back to their roots; acoustic. Rest in Peace.

Amberle Madden- Lead Vocals,  Lyricist

Tony Madden- Guitar, and vocals

Rogue Madden- Roadie, merch girl and general badass 10 year old


In the years that they have been a band, they have gained almost 1,900 monthly listeners on Spotify and 3.6k followers on Facebook. They have played hundreds of shows, released a live album that was recorded live on air on 88.5 FM WMNF Tampa, released a full band studio album, 'ALL IN' (April 2020), and released two fully acoustic albums, 'Wide Open' (August 2020) and 'Yet Here We Are' (August 2021) and have been finding supporters all along the way including monthly support from their dedicated patrons on


They are set to start recording their 5th full length album in September!

Amberle and Tony Madden, originally from Spokane, WA, started writing songs in 2014. They sold their house and most everything they owned that wouldn’t fit into an RV and in 2015, headed south for Florida, where they have family so they could follow their dreams and get their band rollin’!

Amberle and Tony have been rockin' all over the region since then, both acoustically and as a full band. Not only do they rock, but they are professional, respectful, punctual and have a sterling reputation.

"We take pride in being team players. Together we can make live music thrive!"

Media Quotes

"For the uninitiated, an album of vocalist and acoustic guitar sounds simple and some may use the word “Basic”. The Maddens demolish this notion immediately with their musicianship, timing and the more than obvious devotion and dedication both of them have for their craft." - Accidental Music Reviewer

"I now have a new favorite band... Before the end of the first song that entered my ears, Comin' Home the Band had my undivided attention!! The combination of watching the passion of Tony Madden play his infectious guitar riffs and the inescapable emotion coming from Amberle Madden's soul as she sings, is undeniable."- Stan Deyo of Open Mic Live

 “This husband/wife team has a strong rock and blues vibe that I know you'll love.”-Mayhem in the Am

"Amberle’s voice is soulful and sultry." - Rachelle Greenberg of Tampa Bay Music News

"Southern country/blues soaked vocals by Amberle is a sound to behold. She has a powerful voice coupled with superb control and a wide range of emotions. This singer has a great sound all of her own." - Accidental Music Reviewer

Photo by Ellen Sherman

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Supporter's Quotes

"It is real music, made by real people, filled with real emotion. Which ,let's be honest, isn't a common thing" Jukka

"Powerful duo with emotionally charged music for your soul. Each song is delivered with such emotion that you feel everything musically and lyrically. You will not be disappointed" Gwen

"They are the REAL deal! They put heart and soul and the very Deepest devotion! They are very talented songwriters and performers.Book them while you can before they become to famous to play at your venue!!" Jennifer
"Two very inspiring artists!" Evan

"Powerful moving stories told in tasty music form" Chuck

"West coast grunge attitude meets Southern Rock soul...." Brian

"One of the top 5 local bands that play original songs. Their sound is versatile enough to fit in with any genre of music. Plus their good people, true to their word." Thea

"Soulful acoustic jams that tell epic stories, also play up the DIY and art." Will
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