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Our music is free to download here on our website, because we want it to be available to everyone who wants it.
We do ask that you donate or become a patreon if you enjoy our music. Help us follow our dreams and bring our music to more hearts.
'ALL IN' was released days after Jason Brubaker died in a car accident. It is now a memorial to one of the greatest humans have I have been blessed to know and love. Hear Jason at his best, doing his favorite thing. When we were trying to name the album, we realized that we would have to go all in to make our dreams a reality. We decided that was what we were doing and so thought the first big step in the direction should echo the sentiments. Jason went all in on us and the band in a big way. He made his whole life about the band. When you listen to this album, listen to how amazing he was and remember him and his big contagious smile!
Right before Jason passed, Tone and I recorded an acoustic album. That is comin' soon! 11 tracks of emotional, intimate prettiness is what makes up, 'Wide Open'! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that, or become a patron and get it now!
Below is also our live album, Live at WMNF 88.5! We were blessed with the opportunity to perform live on the radio and thought why not make a Live album out of this experience and so we did.
From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for your love and support!
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