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Goodbye January and Hello To The Future!!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Hey guys and thanks for clicking the link so that you could get the long winded update of what is going on in the background and what is to come shortly!

Our album is comin’! It has been a long wait, but dates are currently getting locked down and stuff is now moving!! Thank you for being patient and rolling with us!

First up, February 25th, we will be releasing the first single called, ‘Windows Turning Black’ on all streaming platforms and with a super sweet lyric video as well!! Also, pre-sales will be available for the full album! I can’t wait for you guys to be able to start hearing what we made. We have taken everything that has been building for the last 3 years as a band and channeled into these songs. So much of the best and the worst all rolled into a 9 track package. I wasn’t sure we would ever get to record in such a professional setting and to such high standard.

Psst… By the way, over at you can become a patron for as little as $1 a month or as much as you feel good about, and you will get access even

before the singles start dropping. No pressure. It isn’t for everyone, but for those who it is for, man… thank you for loving us and helping us keep pursuing our dream. Also, we are now in the prep stages of shooting our first legit music video; our second single will show up with this music video, finalizing all the artwork and layout stuff, trying to figure out how to make everything easy and clear for you, and contacting music blogs, radio peeps and all kinds of other music people-people. The cool thing is that Rogan likes doing data entry with me, so I can do these things with her here helping or really close to me reading her favorite books. That balance is challenging when the grind is extra grindy. Hello 3am every night. Hehehe.

Outside of album stuff, we have a handful of shows this February! The Tampa shows this month, one acoustic and one full band, will be the last shows in the area until our CD release show in April, so come out!

Here is the list:

Feb. 7th- Tampa, FL at the Blue Note for Blue Note Unplugged

Feb. 8th- Longview, FL at the Shovelhead for Stephanie's Birthday Show

Feb. 9th- Plant City, FL for Zenfest acoustic

Feb. 13th- Open Mike Live for the return show!

Feb. 14th- Tampa at Ybor Redstar Rockbar

Feb. 21st- Cape Coral at Ollies Records

Anyways, thanks for giving a shit about us and the things we make! It means the world to us. I am wishing you all your favorite things and fingers crossed, we are one of them.

Hugs and loves.


PS. Photo credit: Sha Gi at Phrenic Art Studio

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