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Comin’ Home The Band is an original, grungy, bluesy rock and roll trio based out of Tampa, FL. The songs are steeped in soul and emotion. They have been playing around Central Florida for the last three years, makin' waves and a name for themselves locally and touring through 5 states between Florida and Kentucky. On April 18th, Jason Brubaker (rest in peace), their Drummer died tragically. Since then they are back to their roots; acoustic.

In the three years that they have been a band, they have reached 3.3k followers on Facebook, played over 200 shows, released a live album that was recorded live on air on 88.5 WMNF, released a studio album, 'ALL IN', recorded a fully acoustic album, 'Wide Open' and have been making fans all along the way.

Amberle and Tony Madden, originally from Spokane, WA, started writing songs in 2014 and that’s how Comin’ Home The Band was started. They sold their house and sold off and gave away most everything they owned that wouldn’t fit into an RV and in 2015, headed south for Florida, where they have family so they could follow their dreams and get their band rollin’!

Amberle and Tony have been rockin' all over the region since then, both acoustically and as a full band. Not only do they rock, but they are professional, respectful and punctual and have a sterling reputation.

"We take pride in being team players. Together we can make live music thrive!"


Amberle Madden of Comin' Home The Band rockin' at the Brass Mug. Jason Brubaker in the bakeground. photo taken by Phrenic Art Studio
Tony and Amberle Madden rockin' out at Niagara Tap's Tapfest3! Photo by James Jr. Swenson

Contact Information


Amberle Madden- Lead Vocals, Bassist, Lyricist

Tony Madden- Guitar, and vocals

Jason Brubaker- RIP

Quote From Media

"I now have a new favorite band... Before the end of the first song that entered my ears, Comin' Home the Band had my undivided attention!! The combination of watching the passion of Tony Madden play his infectious guitar riffs and the inescapable emotion coming from Amberle Madden's soul as she sings, is undeniable."- Stan Deyo of Open Mic Live

Press Coverage

 “This husband/wife team has a strong rock and blues vibe that I know you'll love.”-Mayhem in the Am


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